Re-Pack and Ship Services

Re-Pack ---12,000 yen flat fee (includes the best packing materials), shipping billed at actual cost on the shipping label.


The Basics: You buy something in Japan, have it shipped to us, and we repack it for international travel and send it on to you. Guitars or guitar shaped objects only please. Odd sizes will have an upcharge as we do not have boxes for anything else.


What we do:


1) We will help you contact the seller so they understand where the guitar is to be shipped. Delivery issues are all we will talk to the sellerr about.


1) make sure, when it gets to us, that it is not broken. If it is, we will assist in returning it and getting a refund. 


2) Re-pack it to our super high standards. We will not reuse the box it came in. It will be recycled.


3) Weigh it and get back to you with your delivery options and costs.


4) After you pay the actual shipping plus our fee, we reship it to you. This will be invoiced as a "service" through paypal.


5) Provide tracking information



What we don't do:


1) We do not guarantee the playability or quality of what you have bought. 


2) We will not take any responsibility for loss, damage, delays or extra fees whatever the reason. If you don't trust us to get the job done right then do not hire us.  All I can say is that I know we will do a better job than just about any shop in Japan and in the extremely unlikely case of loss or damage (really never happens) we will assist you in processing your claim with the shipper. That is ALL we will do.


3) We will not communicate with the shop or facilitate your purchase in any way other than mentioned above. We only deal with what shows up at our door. Anything else be middleman work. 


4) We don't find hard cases for guitars that do not come with them.  As to safe shipping our packing is to a level where it makes no difference and hard cases will probably be cheaper where you are anyway. If you want to arrange for hard case to arrive to go with your guitar that is just better fit ...and you better let us know it is coming AND it will add 2,000 yen to your bill.


To get started:


Use the contact page and we will send you our address. Mobile browsers sometimes do not work with our contact page. If the seller can not get their heads around anything we will contact them to explain.


Let us know your name and guitar and from where it is coming so we know what is yours when it shows up.


Also let us know where it was made and its value for the customs forms and insurance (values must match). This is very important as we may have no other way to know.


 Anything that is to be valued at over 200,000 yen will have an additional 2000 yen fee for the outgoing customs paperwork.


Current fee is 12,000 yen plus any payment fee charged (4% for paypal, 2000 yen for bank wire).  Fee covers boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and expert packing. Fee is not negotiable.

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