Middle Man Rates and Fees etc

We do not have set rates and fees. Each request for middleman work will get a custom qoute with different payment options based on many factors such as who is buying, who is selling and finally what our own financial picture is that the time. Things can get confusing as far as how money gets from one place to another and how quickly etc so hopefully the custom approach is best.


Some things to keep in mind:


1) usually the minimum fee is going to be about 15,000 yen with the overall fee falling between 8-12% of the advertised price. The easier it is for us the less the fee. Fees are not negotiable.


2) Actual shipping is usually about 10,000-20,000yen


3)possible payment methods are paypal, paypal gift and bank wire. 


4)Since we are not actually selling the goods in question paypal will be billed as a "service".



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