Japan Guitar Handlers/Middle Man Services

Basically, we will help get almost any guitar, bass, or other musical instrument you can find in Japan safely to you, anywhere in the world. We act as the middle man between you and the stores which usually will not ship overseas. We also can do Yahoo Auctions though the fee is generally a little higher.

While there are other services that can help you get things from Japan, MeesturSparkle should be your number one choice for high end instruments because instruments are all we do and each order is a custom process. Each order will be treated differently. There is no set fee, or payment method....it all depends. Also, no one packs a guitar better or has more experieince shipping from Japan (about 7000 at last count).
So, if you are interested please browse through the drop-down menu above and when you are ready use the contact page. Please read all of the pages dealing with middleman including the Q&A.








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