Who the hell is MeesturSparkle?!

 MeesturSparkle (aka Jim Porter) is best known for being one of the top sellers of electric guitars on ebay.

From 2009-2011 meestursparkle was often the top grossing selling of electric guitars on ebay  selling well over 1000 per year with gross sales topping 1.5 million dollars a year.

During these "boom years" meestursparkle bought about 6000 new and used guitars in Tokyo and throughout Japan.  All of these guitars were sold internationally to very satisfied customers. 

Jim has extensive contacts in, and knowledge of, the guitar business in Japan which he can put to work for you.

Jim has played guitar for 20 plus years and has been in many experimental/underground bands in the Austin Texas area. Jim is a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona and also holds a couple of other degrees.


Guitar Middleman in Japan


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